Why Hello, Jell-O...

Welcome to Breaking the Mold blog! My hope is to entertain (and inspire!) while chronicling my adventures (and inevitable misadventures) in gelatin molding.

I've always loved jello (I have my Midwestern grandparents to blame for that) and recently inherited my grandmother's jello molds and extensive jello recipe collection. I've also been inspired by the various jello recipe booklets from the 1930's that I've collected and look forward to sharing my experiments with such tantalizing treats as: Chicken Mousse, Sea Dream Salad, and Prune Perfection!

I'm also a firm believer in "boozy jello" and will be including recipes for some favorites from that category as well. These are not your college roommate's jello shots. You have been warned.

Many thanks to those who helped me come up with the blog title (shout out to Alexa) as well as the yet-to-be used post titles (Paige, Jenny, Courtney, Jessamyn & Alexa).

Special thanks and super shout out to my blog consultant, sometimes photographer, and dear friend Paige. Thanks lady, you rock!

On with the show!