Jello As A Side Salad

The year was 1975 and my dad was having dinner at my mom's parent's house for the first time. He noticed that everyone had a plate of jello (nestled in a bed of lettuce) next to their dinner plate. He was almost done with his meal when Grandma Marjorie asked why he wasn't eating his salad. Salad? Indeed, what my dad had assumed to be dessert was actually a jello salad intended to be eaten with the main course. My dad will eat just about anything that's not "wiggling on his plate" so he quickly won Marjorie over with his fearless appetite for jello side salad. The rest is history! This may be difficult for some people to get behind and I'll admit I've only ever served fruit-based jello but I'm looking forward to trying my hand at some side salads. My Jell-O recipe book from 1930 has several tasty suggestions:

Just for fun I've put together a poll so my readers can decide which recipe I'll try (and of course blog about!) next:

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Place your vote by midnight on Thursday December 9 and check back next week for the full write-up.