Breaking the Mold on the Road

Last week I was sent to Washington DC to attend a conference for work and was able to spend some quality time with old friends. I wasn't feeling very well the day I arrived so my dear friend Catherine took me out to Pho 75. As we reviewed the menu we saw a dessert item described as "pink jello in syrup and coconut milk." For $2.50 I knew we had to try it!

The jello arrived as more of a drink which wasn't exactly what we were expecting.

We determined it was coconut milk with pink tapioca balls (like you would find in a bubble tea), chunks of pink gelatin, and topped with a coconut syrup.

It was quite tasty but we didn't finish it.

Back before I started this blog I traveled back east with my mom to attend a wedding and we had lunch at the Wayside Inn where I spotted this item on the menu "Jerusha Peach Mold with pineapple whipped cream dressing." It was listed under the Soups and Salads section, of course.

It was served just as a jello salad should be: on a lettuce leaf. The mold wasn't too sweet and the topping was absolutely delicious.

When I'm eating out, you can be sure I always order anything that involves the words molded, gelée, gelatin, or jello. You never know what delightful dish you'll end up trying!

Have you ever been surprised to see jello on a menu somewhere?

Happy Molding!