Sugar, Sugar

Happy Valentine's Day, dear blog readers! I hope you're spending today with a loved one - romantic or otherwise. It's a very sweet holiday but certainly not worth feeling lonely or sad over - not when there are pink marshmallows to be enjoyed!

For these, I used my usual marshmallow recipe and added red food coloring towards the end. I also used an 8x8 dish to mold these so they came out a bit thicker than the ones I made for my holiday party. They were a little more difficult to tackle with the pizza cutter but if you roll up your sleeves and show that marshmallow who's boss, you'll manage just fine.

After slicing and dusting with powered sugar, I heated up dark chocolate to spoon on the top of each one.

This was my chance to finally break out the most adorable sprinkles I've ever seen. Seriously. Just tell me those aren't the cutest tiny hearts you've ever seen.

The best part of being an adult is that it's perfectly acceptable to have three of these for dinner. Especially because no one was around to judge me. Except the cat. But her nickname is "little miss piggy" so I'm sure she was cheering me on.

Anyway, hope you're having a great day. And if you're not, here's what the Oatmeal has to say on the subject. God bless him. Just remember that if sexy rumpus isn't an option, pink marshmallows and a Manhattan will do a pinch.

Happy Molding!