Jell-O On A Boat

Hello lovely readers! I've recently returned from a glorious four night cruise to Mexico with my dear friend Catherine. We wanted a vacation that required minimal effort and provided lots of sun. Bingo. Cruises aren't necessarily known for the quality of their food but boy did they deliver in the quantity department. I think I'm still full.

Now, where there are buffets, there is usually Jell-O - and the Carnival Cruise buffets did not disappoint. Below is a tour of our ship's gelatin-based offerings.

Jell-O On A Boat

Clearly labeled so there's no mistaking it for anything else.

Although I do have my doubts that these were made with name-brand Jell-O. They were room temperature and lacking in the flavor department. I give them a C.

This was a Mango Mousse that had so much gelatin and so little flavor that I could only choke down one bite. Contrary to what you may have been lead to believe by my ramblings on this blog, the gelatin ratio in a dessert is not directly proportional to how tasty it is. Catherine was able to literally peel the top layer off this dessert. That's gross. I give this an F.

The pink marshmallows looked pretty sad - even worse than my first attempt at homemade marshmallow wrangling. They didn't taste awful but I didn't go back for a second bite. I give them a D.

The "yellow" and "red" jellies sure looked nice and they had a good texture and consistency. They were lacking, however, any discernible flavor profile. I give them a C+. The plus is because (after spending all morning in the sun and a few piña coladas) you can add two candied walnut crumbs for eyes and make this:

Ah, the sea.

Happy Molding!