I started this blog six (!) years ago for fun and for my friends. How often I've posted has largely depended on what I've had going on in my life and how creative I was feeling. But I look back at some of the posts down and cringe a bit because they just don't really sound like me. I've never really identified as a "blogger" because I've never posted with sincere regularity and consider this blog more of a quirky thing that I do sometimes. But I've always come back to it - the jello and the writing. The struggle has been figuring out not only what I want to say and how I want to sound but also how to translate that into the writing. I've always enjoyed writing and this past year I wrote less than at any point in my school or professional career. When the spreadsheets gave way to reflective papers, I realized how hard I found it to get my "voice" on the page. This isn't a new or novel struggle, to be sure, but I'm pushing myself a bit more this summer to just put words on the page and out in the world more. It helps give a bit more structure to my days, frankly, and forces me to use a different part of my brain than I have been for many months. It's also nice to have to the freedom to write whatever comes to mind. The general theme of this blog when I started it was gelatin (pretty strange, I know, but I just love it) and I'm going to start pushing the boundaries of that more and more, if you'll allow me. Although I suppose that's the luxury of a casual, hobby blog, I can pivot into whatever I want. So if you're curious or interested, I'll be here for the rest of the summer.

I've always loved Molly Wizenberg's writing - on Orangette, in her books (Delancy and A Homemade Life), and on the podcast she co-hosts. I appreciate her honesty, the beauty of her prose, and her wry humor - also the grace with which she confesses her own insecurities and aspirations. All things I will strive for while I work to find my  own voice here on the blog.