Perhaps the most delightful byproduct of a blog about gelatin is when people tell you they made a recipe you posted. It's happened a few times and I get a kick out of it whenever someone tells me about it. Sometimes they're seasoned cooks who feel comfortable in the kitchen (and with following directions - jello is chemistry after all) and sometimes they're...less so. Amateurs, if you will. But as fickle as jello can be, certain recipes are a lot more forgiving than you might imagine. A few months ago my partner told me he was going to make the infamous jello pretzel salad for a competition with a few friends at school (he's also in graduate school, but we're not in the same program because we like to do things the hard way). There's a group of about six friends who get together every month or so for dinner at someone's house and they call it "Come Dine With Me" after a UK television show, apparently. So each dinner they choose a dish for two challengers to prepare for the next dinner and he chose jello as the theme. When he first told me this I was delighted and then a little leery that he could pull it off without my help. I should point out that my partner is not a total moron and is quite a good cook but a jello amateur is a jello amateur.

But he picked the recipe and we talked through it on the phone and off he went to the grocery store.


He's British, so we had several conversations about what exactly Cool-Whip is and where to find the cream cheese but he made it home with the proper ingredients and got to work.

There were a few check-in phone calls (particularly pertaining to the "done-ness" of the jello) but the final product looked pretty good (at least in person, next time we'll work on the food photography).


The competition ended in a draw (which I still find hard to believe, jello pretzel salad is a blue ribbon choice) but I was super impressed. Always a good reminder to have a little more faith in your own and others' abilities when trying something new.

Pip pip, gov'na.