Female friends (amirite?)

As I drag myself to the end of a very long day (that 7am class seemed like a good idea when i registered for it) I find myself overwhelmed with warm and fuzzy and slightly sappy feelings about the truly incredible female friends in my life. 

Moving to a new city was tough. Starting all over with friends in a program that can often feel like the very worst of middle school was tougher. Missing my dear, dear friends from home was the toughest. 

I still don't talk to everyone as much as I wish I did. Nothing to blame but myself for that one. Every day I try to do as much as I can and it's never quite as much as I wanted. But.

We all have those friends who send out-of-the-blue emails to say they've been thinking about you. Who order you the new book of poetry by your favorite author or bring you packets of 24 karat gold Korean face masks just because. Who text you cat GIFs when you need them (even Hillary does!). Who you can pick right back up where you left off with next time you see them.

And we all know those women who have your back when guys say sexist shit. Who tell you that comment you made in class/a meeting was spot on. Who amplify your voice and who appreciate when you amplify theirs. Who acknowledge you for the cool shit you're doing. Who genuinely want to see you succeed and even help you get there.

So tonight I'm going to bed not having done all the things but knowing that tomorrow is another day and some seriously fabulous ladies have my back just like I have theirs.

Why not send some good juju to the women you're thankful to have in your life? I promise they'll appreciate it more than you know.