Jelly, EU Edition

I think we could all use a little levity after the Brexit vote so I dug up some photos from my trip to France and England several years ago. Somehow my photos are all out of order so this also required wading through hundreds of pictures from college which, while entertaining and horrifying in their own right, will not be shared publicly. 

But back to Europe! In Paris, I made my usual compulsory trip to the grocery store in search of gelatin and what I found was to be expected. 

Nothing fun here, purely practical. There may be other versions available in France but I couldn't find any while I was there.

England has a long and affectionate history with gelatin so they had a better sense of humor about the whole thing.

They call it jelly and it's sold in soft cubes to be dissolved in hot water which is certainly one way to do it. I'm into the very honest and prominent descriptor: "wobbly" 

While in London, I went to Kew Gardens which is one of my favorite places in the world (botanic gardens are my jam) and they happened to be hosting an exhibit by the avant guard jelly/unusual "events" guys, Bompas & Parr. I have their book and will do a post about them one day because what even is this?

Hopefully this was the Friday palate cleanser that we all need and deserve.