A Thousand Mornings

Tomorrow is the first day of elective courses for second-years (!). At times, I thought this day would never come. That may sound melodramatic but I assure you it's genuine. 

Last week, one of my first year buddies remarked how calm I was. Oh, the difference a year makes.

I do feel like I have tapped into some newly discovered reservoir of peace. I may eventually lose my footing a bit for a day or two or seven at a time. But for now, solid ground.

In honor of this fresh start, another favorite of mine from Mary Oliver.


A Thousand Mornings by Mary Oliver

All night my heart makes its way

however it can over the rough ground

of uncertainties, but only until night

meets and then is overwhelmed by

morning, the light deepening, the

wind easing and just waiting, as I

too wait (and when have I ever been

disappointed?) for redbird to sing.