Jello in real-time

So usually I wait until after the jello has been unmolded and consumed before writing about it but tonight I thought I'd bring you along in real-time for a suspense-filled evening wondering: will it set??

When I try new types of jello or new methods it doesn't always work out. Sometimes it never firms up, sometimes it's kind of gross. I try to be honest about it here because this is a safe space and it usually makes for good blog fodder. 

So tonight I had two keen jello assistants over to make a treat for an event at school tomorrow (we're trying to feed people on a budget and this seemed like a good idea when I volunteered).

I've been dying to try out the glitter (!) jello that I bought in the UK.

I had high hopes! But the package led me to believe this would be a more intense glitter than it is in reality. More of a shimmer, really.

And, while preparing it, I discovered that it is "suitable for vegetarians" which was bad news for my plan to cut these into squares for easy eating (again, we're on a budget so no plates and forks). I haven't had great luck with the vegetarian jello (at least in terms of firmness) but I forged ahead because the stakes were pretty low and I was curious to see what happened. 

I decided on an ambitious strawberry glitter layer followed by a regular lemon jello layer.


(Thanks to my assistants for their help with the flavor selection.)

I was hoping to hurry the first layer along so put the two trays in the freezer. Oops. This works well with gelatin but with this jelly it just sort of froze up. Sigh. But I decided to go ahead with the second layer which was when I discovered that the lemon was breaking right through the glitter layer when I poured it over. Yikes.

So what I ended up with is a kind of tie-dyed something and I'm not even certain that it's going to set fully.

But that's a problem for the morning. Fingers crossed and sweet dreams!