Wibble Wobble

It's Monday. And a gut-wrenching one for America as we (crudely) grapple with the reality of yet another tragedy. With yet more hate mongering and more hand wringing about "what can be done?" (oh, there is plenty).

There is love and light out there (like this and this) but I will admit to feeling at a loss for what to do or say. So, for now I will leave you with this gem and hope it puts a smile on your face. 

My partner is English and often sings a few bars of this song when jello (or "jelly") comes up (which is often at our house). In an effort to cheer up, I went hunting on YouTube and found the full song (plus lyrics, which are essential). As soon as the music came on he came dancing (dad dancing, the best kind) out of the other room singing at full volume. Which is, really, enough to cheer anyone up.

Please enjoy.

English nursery rhyme - "Jelly on a Plate"